Daihatsu Move Price in Kenya - Features, Reviews, & How to Import

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$0$11 111 200
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0cc5 000cc
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Daihatsu Move for sale in Kenya is a compact Kei car introduced to the market by the world’s well-known Daihatsu automaker in 1995 and is currently in its fifth generation.

It has remained the bestselling Daihatsu’s vehicle, having productively sold 500,000 units within the first three years of production.

Daihatsu Move price in Kenya starts from as low as Ksh. 0.98M when you want to import it from Japan.

The affordable Daihatsu Move price in Nairobi, Mombasa, and other towns has contributed to its popularity and demand. 

And it is a five-door hatchback that comes fitted with many eye-catching accessories and is 

available in 11 different shades.

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$0$11 111 200
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0 km2.810.000 km
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0cc5 000cc
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Daihatsu Move for Sale in Kenya - CarsforSaleinKenya.co.ke
2022 Daihatsu Move Custom - An Attractive Kei Car
The car competes with Suzuki Alto, Honda N-Box and Toyota Prius, but it outshines them on fuel economy and performance. Daihatsu Move fuel consumption rate ranges between 28km/l to 31km/l, which is considered impressive for a vehicle in its class. We have a complete review of the Daihatsu Move for sale in Mombasa, Nairobi, and other towns in Kenya here.

Daihatsu Move for Sale in Kenya - Import Price (2015 - 2020 Models)

Importing a car is always a better choice than buying locally since you end up saving on its cost and getting a quality model. 

Here is the Daihatsu Move price in Kenya for people who opt to import this car from abroad instead of buying locally. 

The import cost is usually up to 20% lower than the Daihatsu Move price in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and other towns in Kenya. 

Import Price of Daihatsu Move 650cc, 2WD, Petrol, Hatchback: 

Model Year 

Import Price 


KES 980,000 – KES 1,300,000


KES 1,040,000 – KES 1,400,000


KES 1,110,000 – KES 1,500,000


KES 1,200,000 – KES 1,550,000


KES 1,230,000 – KES 1,600,000


KES 1,520,000 – KES 1,900,000


Call +254-728-308-043 to Inquire 


Call +254-728-308-043 to Inquire 

You can reach us at +254-728-308-043 to inquire about the import price of 2021 and 2022 models or even to import your 2016-2020 Move.

We will assist you to import 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, & 2022 Daihatsu Move at an affordable rate.

There are also used Daihatsu Move for sale in Kenya by owners listed on our website that you can purchase – of 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and earlier years. 

We list the second-hand Daihatsu Move for sale in Kenya from different sellers around the country. 

Reach us at [email protected] if you would like your vehicle to be listed for sale on our website.

We will send our professional car inspector to check your car to ensure you get the best price the market can offer. 

You can visit us at Ruiru Town, Greec Tower, Door No D7/D8 to meet our team whether you want to buy, sell, or import a Move or any other vehicle.

Daihatsu Move for Sale in Kenya Review - Interior & Exterior

Daihatsu move for sale in Kenya has been popular due to its intrinsic features such as roomy interior, excellent usability and high-quality styling.

It looks like a box-shaped car with a flat rear and a slightly slanting front. Its exterior features alloy wheels, a prominent grille, LED headlamps, fog lights and LED taillights.

It’s available in two engine options, the base version is a 0.85L 3-cylinder gasoline engine, and the other is available at 0.99L or simply 1L.

The model produces 93hp of power and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 14.4 sec, which is considered excellent for a car in its class.

It also comes with excellent safety features with advanced preventive features such as a pre-crash safety system, lane deviation warning, vehicle stability control and cruise control.

The model comes with a fuel tank capacity of 30 liters which is sufficient given that its fuel consumption rate is 28km/l.

Generally, the Move is available with the front-wheel-drive configuration, although a four-wheel-drive option is also available.

Base trims come standard with a touchscreen infotainment system, while the upper trims add an LCD screen and navigation.

Used Daihatsu Move for Sale in Kenya - Exterior Review

Daihatsu Move for sale in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and other towns is an excellent vehicle that provides these features. 

  • Colors – Move cars are available in the following colors; Black Mica Metallic, Silk Blue Pearl, Bright Silver Metallic, White, Cotton Ivory, Deep Blue Crystal Metallic, Silk Green Pearl, Fire Quartz Red Metallic, Silk Blue Pearl, Light Rose Mica Metallic, and Pearl White Plum Brow Crystal.
  • Wheels – The model comes with different rim sizes that range between 12 inches and 15 inches.
  • Headlights – It comes with round headlights in a four-lamp configuration with LED illumination.

Used Daihatsu Move Price in Kenya - Interior Review

The Diahatsu Move price in Mombasa, Nairobi, and other towns provides value when you consider the vehicle’s interior.

  • Dashboard – It features a touch screen infotainment system and TFT drivers cluster display with customized options.

It also features a silver hair lining on the steering wheel and the instrument panel, which creates a feeling of luxury. 

  • Boot – The model comes with a cargo capacity of 260 liters (9.2 cu-ft)
  • Seats – Seat covers for the custom vehicles uses a lame thread for a state-of-the-art, quality appearance.
  • Leg space – It has plenty of space for headroom, shoulder room and legroom.
Daihatsu Move Price in Kenya - CarsforSaleinKenya.co.ke
2022 Daihatsu Move - Interior & Exterior View

Daihatsu Move Price in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Other Towns

Daihatsu price in Kenya vary from one car dealer to the other and from region to region. You can expect the Daihatsu Move price in Mombasa to be lower than that of Nairobi and other towns. 

You will notice that the Daihatsu Move price in Nairobi, Mombasa, and other town’ showrooms in Kenya is higher than importing this car. 

The main reason for that is local yards attraction costs such as dealer markup, cleaning cost, lighting, and security. 

These Move prices in Kenya can be up to 20% higher than importing the vehicle from abroad yourself. 

And they are also higher than buying a used Daihatsu Move for sale in Kenya by owners you find listed on our website.

Used Daihatsu Move for Sale in Kenya Dealer - CarsforSaleinKenya.co.ke

We rank top in Daihatsu Move review Kenya and have received numerous positive feedback from our clients who we’ve helped acquire this model.

Our team is reliable and can be entrusted with any of your car acquisition needs, including guidance on the importation process.

We do car importation, and, therefore, we can help you import Move cars or any other Japanese models such as Honda Jade, Toyota Supra, Mazda CX5, and Lexus LC500.

With imported cars, we guarantee savings of up 20% of local prices and a smooth importation process through our team of professionals who’ve been in the auto industry for a long time.

We can also help you acquire a used Daihatsu move by Kenyan owners at pocket-friendly prices.

You only need to browse our website and see the different Move models listed, choose the best, and let us know. 

We are accessible via our email [email protected] or through phone or WhatsApp No +254-728-308-043. 

You can also visit us at our offices in Ruiru Greec Tower Door No. D7/D8 and speak to our team for any guidance on your car acquisition.

Daihatsu Move for Sale in Mombasa & Nairobi - FAQs

Below are questions that we get from our clients seeking Daihatsu Move for sale in Nairobi, Mombasa Kisumu and other towns across the country.

1. Is Daihatsu Move a Good Car?

Yes, it is! The model has a spacious and comfortable interior with excellent headroom, legroom, and shoulder room. It has a capacity of five passengers and scores highly on fuel efficiency.

2. Is Daihatsu Move Automatic?

Daihatsu move for sale in Kenya is available in a 3-speed automatic transmission, 4-speed automatic transmission and 5-speed manual transmission.

3. Which Brand is Move Car?

Daihatsu Move Kenya is a Japanese Kei car or city car built upon the chassis of the Mira but with a taller body.

4. How Much is Daihatsu Move Kenya?

On average, a 2021 Daihatsu price in Kenya goes from over KES 2M. However, this price depends on mileage, car condition, year of manufacture, and model.