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This is a stylish 5-door station wagon produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. It has been in production since 2002 and is a popular choice among Kenyan car buyers due to its spacious interior and efficient engine. The latest model is also equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense C package that includes Lane Departure Alert, Pre-Collision System, and Automatic High Beam.

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$0$11 111 200
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toyota corolla fielder for sale.
Corolla Fielder 1.5G AeroTourer

Toyota Fielder for sale in Kenya - Close Competitors

Toyota Fielder is one of the most popular cars in Kenya due to its reliable performance, fuel efficiency, and relatively low price. As such, many customers who are looking for a dependable vehicle consider Toyota Fielder as an option.

However, there are several close competitors to the Toyota Fielder that offer similar features at competitive prices. The main competitors of Toyota Fielder are the Nissan Livina, Honda Fit Shuttle, and Honda Airwave.

The Nissan Livina is a great alternative for people looking for a spacious and fuel-efficient vehicle. It has a 1.5-liter engine that produces 109 horsepower, giving it enough power to handle long drives. It also offers plenty of leg room and cargo space which makes it a great vehicle for large families or those with lots of stuff to transport.

The Honda Fit Shuttle offers a great combination of style and practicality. It has a sporty exterior and interior design coupled with reliable performance. It also features a 1.3-liter engine that produces 87 horsepower, giving it enough power to handle long drives.

Finally, the Honda Airwave offers the best overall performance of the three vehicles. It has a 1.5-liter engine that produces 107 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful cars in its class. It has a fuel efficiency of 28 mpg city and 33 mpg highway which is quite impressive for its size. The Airwave also has a spacious interior with plenty of legroom and cargo space, making it an ideal vehicle for larger families or those who transport lots of items.

Toyota Wish vs Toyota Fielder - What is the Difference?

The Toyota Fielder is a station wagon while the Toyota Wish is an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). However, you easily notice their difference by just looking at their size as the fielder is smaller and has a shorter wheelbase compared to the Wish. This makes Fielder more suitable for small family trips or for commuting in urban areas as it offers great maneuverability. It is also lighter than the Wish, making it easier to handle on windy roads.

Fielder new model price in Kenya

The Fielder price in Kenya varies depending on the model, year of manufacture, and engine size. 

You can expect to part with around KES 1,345,000 for the basic 1.5L petrol variant to around KES 2,400,000 for the latest 2021 model that is equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine.

Toyota Fielder old model for sale in Mombasa, and Kisumu

Mombasa and Kisumu are major cities in Kenya and here you will find numerous car dealers with a wide selection of cars.

Prices of used Fielder vary depending on the model, year, condition, and mileage. Generally, a used wagon will go for around KES 500,000 to KES 1 million (USD 5,000 – 10,000) in Mombasa.

Toyota Fielder for sale in Nairobi - Top models

Corolla Fielder for sale in Nairobi comes in different models with various engine capacities that include a 1.8L petrol one and a 2.0L available as either petrol or diesel powered.

The most popular one is the 2021 Toyota Corolla Fielder 2.0L turbocharged diesel, which is available for a price of around KES 2,400,000 – KES 3 million (USD 24,000 – 30,000).

Toyota Fielder Hybrid for sale in Nairobi

The Toyota Fielder Hybrid is an economical yet powerful car that is run by a 1.8L petrol engine that is matched to an electric motor battery. This makes the model return higher fuel efficiency than the conventional gas-run cars. 

The hybrid model is also friendly to the environment as it produces fewer emissions than normal fuel-powered cars.

Toyota Fielder for sale in Kenya specs and features - Interior

The model’s interior consists of a spacious seating capacity for 5 people, comfortable seats for long trips, air conditioning, and power adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support, and armrests. 

Power windows, an infotainment system that is Bluetooth enabled, multi-zone climate control, reversing camera, and parking sensors, are some of the other features found in this brand.

Fielder for sale in Kenya specs and features - Exterior

toyota corolla fielder hybrid for sale.
Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid.

The exterior consists of a sleek design though muscular making the car look more expensive than it is. Other features include LED headlights, 17-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, and automatic rain sensors.

It also has a rear spoiler making the car look sporty, five doors, and optional roof rails.

Toyota Fielder for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption of the model is quite good. The basic level petrol variant cruises for about 18 km with a liter of fuel while the high-end 2.0L model goes for an impressive 23km and 28 km in the city and highway respectively.

Toyota Fielder Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

The model is available in two engine options that include a 1.5L engine that produces 107 bhp and 140 Nm of torque and a 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine that oozes 130bhp and a maximum of 300Nm of torque. Both those engines are coupled to a 6-speed manual or 7-speed CVT automatic transmission.

Fielder for Sale in Mombasa - Maximum Power

The brand can accelerate to 100kph in just 10 sec which is powerful for a compact car like this.

The 1.5L engine oozes 107 bhp while the 2.0L turbo diesel gives a maximum of 130 bhp. Both variants offer good performance and are also fuel efficient.

Fielder for sale in Kenya - AWD/FWD/RWD

The two main drive options available from the Fielder are a front-wheel-drive (FWD) or an all-wheel-drive (AWD). The standard FWD model offers good performance and fuel efficiency, while the AWD one provides extra grip in slippery conditions. However, you can also go for the rare third option rear-wheel-drive (RWD) though it’s a bit more expensive than the other two.

Toyota Corolla Fielder for Sale in Mombasa – Safety Features

The brand comes equipped with several advanced safety features including stability and traction control, ABS, and airbags. You also get driver assists features such as a lane departure warning system, blind spot monitoring system, rear cross-traffic alert, and adaptive cruise control. The Fielder also has ISOFIX points for securing child car seats.

Toyota Fielder Review in Kenya – Warranty & amp; Maintenance Packages

The Fielder for sale in Nairobi and Mombasa is covered by a 3-year/100,000 km warranty, which covers any manufacturer defects or faults. The parent company also offers maintenance packages covering the costs of regular servicing for up to 5 years/125,000 km. 

Fielder new model price in Nairobi - Trim levels

The brand is available in four trim levels: EX, G, S, and X. 

EX trim level– EX is the basic model which is equipped with basic features that include LED headlights, 7.0-inch infotainment system, fog lights, automatic rain-sensing wipers, USB ports, multi-zone climate control, and 16-inch alloy wheels. This base trim level, is available in Nairobi for an estimated price of around KES 2 million (USD 20,000), making it a great value-for-money car. 

G trim level – G is the mid-range level. It adds 17-inch alloy wheels, a reversing camera, rear parking sensors, and an electric sunroof. The G trim level is an excellent choice if you are looking to buy a reliable car offering plenty of features. It cost around KES 3,250,000 (USD 32,500), making it slightly more expensive than the EX trim level. However, the additional features make it worth the extra money.

S trim level– S is the high-end level with 18-inch alloy wheels, Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatibility, cruise control, a blind spot monitoring system, and a power-adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support. To buy the S trim level in Nairobi, you will have to part with around KES 3,600,000 (USD 36,000). The S trim-level features make driving comfortable and enjoyable. 

X trim level – The Fielder X trim level is the top of the line. It includes a host of impressive features. It has a sporty exterior design, with front grille garnish, side skirts, and a rear spoiler that gives it an aggressive look. The interior also comes with great comfort and convenience features such as a power adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support, heads-up display, and wireless charging. The X trim level is available for a price of around KES 4,000,000 (USD 40,000) making it the most expensive variant on sale. 

Overall, the vehicle is an excellent choice if you’re looking to buy or import a reliable, fuel-efficient car with plenty of features. The range of trim levels allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Toyota Corolla Fielder 2016 model for sale in Kenya - Buying Locally Vs Importing.

Toyota Corolla price in Kenya.
Corolla Fielder 1.5G AeroTourer (Rear View).

You have the option of buying a 2016 Toyota Corolla Fielder locally in the showrooms or importing it from Japan. The price will be competitive with numerous dealers locally. 

However, if you want to import, you can get access to better features and technologies that are not available in Kenyan brands. Plus, you get the assurance of warranties and services that are offered by the manufacturer in Japan. 

Before you buy, it’s important to consider all the options and decide which one is best for you. Both buying locally and importing have their pros and cons. It’s always better to do your research before making a decision. 

Finally, no matter which option you choose, make sure that you get it inspected.

Benefits of acquiring your Fielder Locally

One of the main advantages of buying your car locally is that you don’t have to worry about customs or shipping costs. You will also be able to take advantage of after-sales services such as repairs, servicing, and warranty coverage provided by local dealerships. Local dealerships also have a better understanding of the Kenyan market, so you can be assured that you will get the best price for your vehicle.

Key Benefits of Importing Your Fielder with Carsforsaleinkenya.co.ke

You will get a lot of advantages once you decide to import your Fielder with us. Here are some of the benefits you will get:-

Affordable prices – We offer competitive prices on all our brands including Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, and Mercedes Benz.

Quality cars – All the cars we import are of high quality and have low mileage, as they are thoroughly checked before they are shipped to Kenya. 

Easy payment options – We have a flexible payment plan including paying with installments if necessary to ease your burden.

Best customer service – Our staff is experienced and professional and they are ready to assist you with anything that will help you get your dream car.

Prompt delivery – Once you import or buy a car with us you can expect to have it delivered within the shortest time possible.

We guarantee you the best car buying experience with our excellent customer service. So why wait? Contact our sales team now and let us help you find your perfect Fielder from Japan today.

Is Fielder a Good Car?

The Toyota Fielder is a great car equipped with many features making it an excellent option for those looking for an affordable yet reliable family vehicle. It has good fuel economy, a roomy interior, and the latest safety technology, thus it’s perfect for long drives or city commuting. The Fielder also has plenty of cargo space, allowing you to easily transport large items. It’s a great car for anyone looking for a reliable, affordable, and comfortable ride.

What is the resale value of a Toyota Corolla Fielder in Kenya?

The resale value of a Toyota Corolla Fielder in Kenya depends on many factors, such as the car’s condition and mileage. Generally, the average resale value of a used Toyota Corolla Fielder in Kenya is around KES 750,000 – 950,000. 

This makes it a great option for those looking for an affordable, reliable family car without breaking the bank.

How spacious is a Toyota Fielder?

The Toyota Fielder is a mid-size sedan with plenty of interior space for passengers and cargo. The cabin can comfortably fit five adults and has generous legroom, making it an ideal choice for long drives or family trips. The trunk also offers plenty of storage capacity, allowing you to easily transport large items. 

Overall, the Fielder offers a great balance between comfort, space, and practicality.

What is the maintenance cost of a Toyota Fielder in Kenya?

The maintenance cost of a Fielder in Kenya will depend on the model and year of the car. Generally speaking, the costs for service and repairs are relatively low compared to other cars in its class. It is advised that you get an expert opinion from a certified mechanic to ensure that all parts are working correctly and any necessary repairs are done promptly. 

In addition, regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotation, and brake inspection can help extend your vehicle’s lifespan and reduce running costs in the long term. 

Toyota Fielder is a great car with low maintenance costs that can offer reliable performance for years to come.

Why are Japanese second-hand cars cheap?

Japanese used cars are usually cheaper than their new counterparts because they have already been driven for a few years. This reduces the cost of ownership and makes used vehicles more affordable. Additionally, Japanese models are known for their high quality, making them an excellent value-for-money option. 

Japanese vehicles are also popular due to their excellent fuel efficiency and reliability. They have a reputation for being reliable and low maintenance, which is why they tend to hold their value better than other used cars on the market. 

Overall, Japanese second-hand vehicles offer great value for money and are an ideal option for those looking for a budget-friendly option.

Which is better: Axio or Fielder?

corolla fielder price in kenya.
Toyota Corolla Fielder X 4WD.

The Toyota Corolla Axio is the smaller of the two models and may be more suitable for those who need a car that is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The Fielder, on the other hand, offers more power and can handle longer journeys with ease. 

Fielder is an excellent choice if your interest is to buy a reliable but powerful car that will save you some coins from the pump.

Both the Axio and Fielder will take care of your pocket and are excellent family cars. Ultimately, it depends on your budget and your needs and priority.

What engine does the 2015 Toyota Fielder have?

The 2015 model is equipped with a 1.5L petrol engine that produces 109 hp and 103 lb-ft of torque. It also comes with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to enhance the safety of the people on board. 

In addition, it has electronic power steering and an Eco mode helping it to improve fuel economy. The 2015 Fielder is a great car for those who want a reliable ride with plenty of features and efficient performance.

Are there any other options for the Toyota Fielder?

Yes, there are a variety of options available for this vehicle, including manual or automatic transmission, air conditioning, power windows and doors, leather seats, and a navigation system. All these features make this car even more enjoyable to drive.

What engine does the Toyota Fielder have?

This car is available with two engine options. A 1.5L petrol one produces 107 bhp and a 2.0L turbo diesel engine that produces up to 130 bhp. Both engines are very fuel-efficient and offer great performance. The 1.5L engine is attached to a four-speed automatic transmission while the 2.0L turbo diesel engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. Both engines are also fitted with Toyota’s advanced VVTi (Variable Valve Timing) technology that helps improve power and fuel efficiency. This technology helps to provide a smooth ride and improves fuel economy.

What does G mean in Toyota Corolla?

The letter “G” in Corolla stands for its grade or trim level. There are three grades available, G, X, and Z. The G grade is the entry-level model which provides basic features such as a CD player and power windows. 

The X grade offers more advanced features such as a sunroof, an upgraded audio system, and leather seats. The Z grade is the highest level and boasts features such as a multimedia system, automatic climate control, and keyless entry.

Which cars are most imported in Kenya?

The Fielder is one of the most imported cars in Kenya due to its affordability and reliability. Other popular brands include Honda Fit, Nissan Tiida, Mazda, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Honda Civic, and Suzuki Swift. These cars are all very popular in the Kenyan market due to their affordability as well as their features and performance. Additionally, Japanese used car imports are becoming increasingly popular in Kenya as they offer great value for money and provide an excellent option for those looking to purchase a reliable vehicle at an affordable price.

How many types of Toyota Fielders are there?

The vehicle is available in three different body types – sedan, hatchback, and wagon. Each model comes with its own unique features to suit different needs. The sedan variant offers a roomy interior with plenty of cargo space, while the hatchback is suitable for those who want a sportier look. The wagon version is great for those who need a lot of storage space.

What is the fuel consumption of the Toyota Fielder 1500cc?

The 1500cc model returns fuel consumption of around 5.7L/100km in the city and around 4.5L/100km on the highway. Thus it’s a very efficient engine that will definitely save your fuel budget.

Is Toyota Premio better than Toyota Fielder?

The Premio is a higher-end model than the Fielder, so it offers more features and better performance. However, it is also more expensive than the Fielder and may not be the most cost-effective option if you are on a budget. 

The Fielder is an excellent value-for-money choice if you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable car. It has plenty of power, excellent fuel economy, and many safety features.

Ultimately, the choice between the Premio and Fielder is up to you depending on your needs and budget.

Is the Toyota Fielder hybrid a good car?

Price of corolla Fielder in Kenya.
Toyota Corolla Fielder X Edition Rear View.

Yes, the Fielder hybrid is an excellent car. It offers great fuel economy and a comfortable ride while also providing plenty of power when needed. 

The hybrid model also has plenty of advanced technology features as standard, making it a great choice for those looking for modern tech in their cars. 

Furthermore, the hybrid version has a lower price tag than the standard Fielder, which makes it an even better value. All in all, the Fielder hybrid is an excellent car with comfort as a priority hence a great choice for those looking for a reliable, comfortable, and efficient vehicle.

How does a fielder hybrid work?

The hybrid model is powered by a combination of an electric motor and a petrol engine. When the car is on, the petrol engine supplies power to drive the wheels and also recharges the battery. The electric motor assists when needed and can also power the car alone for short distances. This allows for superior fuel efficiency compared to a regular petrol engine. The hybrid system also has regenerative braking, which helps to recharge the battery while the car is slowing down. 

If you want to know more about Toyota Fielder Hybrid for sale in Nairobi and Mombasa, then contact our sales representative today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about hybrid vehicles and we will also help you find the perfect used or new vehicle for your needs. 

At Carsforsaleinkenya.co.ke we also have other types of cars including Mercedes Benz wagons, Honda, and Mazda.