All About the Toyota Spacio for Sale in Kenya

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0cc5 000cc
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Would you like to buy a spacious car? Any Spacio is ideal for you.

Spacio is available in new and second-hand models. You can find the perfect one that fits your needs. Plus, the price for this model in Kenya is affordable.

If you want great value for a vehicle, we’ve got your back!

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$0$11 111 200
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0 km2.810.000 km
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0cc5 000cc
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Toyota Corolla Spacio (Features)

Toyota Corolla Spacio is a reliable and spacious vehicle.

It offers good fuel economy, comfort, and manual and automatic transmission options.

Also, every Toyota Corolla Spacio has optional accessories. Customizing such a vehicle is easy.

Toyota Corolla Spacio Safety Features

Toyota Corolla Spacio provides a safe driving experience. It has safety features, including an anti-lock brake system.

Remember, the Toyota Corolla Spacio also has a five-star crash test rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Toyota Corolla Spacio 2003

The 2003 Toyota Corolla Spacio was the first version of such a machine in Kenya. It has reliable features.

This first version had a 5-speed manual transmission and a CD player. Every 2003 Toyota Corolla Spacio also uses less fuel.

Toyota Corolla Spacio 2007

The 2007 Toyota Corolla Spacio was the second version in Kenya.

It has several upgrades over all 2003 models, such as an improved engine.

Every 2007-2008 Toyota Corolla Spacio also uses less fuel.

Toyota Corolla Spacio 2001

The 2001–2005 Toyota Corolla Spacio was the third. It has reliable features, such as a 1.8-liter engine.

2001–2005 Toyota Corolla Spacio also uses less fuel.

Toyota Corolla Spacio 2005-2009

The 2005 Toyota Corolla Spacio was the fourth version. This front-wheel drive car has reliable features like a rear camera for parking.

The 2005–2009 Toyota Corolla Spacio also consumes less fuel.

Is it a good car?

Toyota Corolla Spacioa is a great choice if you need space. It offers robust safety features.

The automobile is available in new and used models.

All in all, these are great models to consider.

How many Litres is a Spacio?

The Spacio has a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine. You’ll use less fuel.

The exact fuel economy figure depends on your model.

It makes such an automobile easy to manage.

How many seaters is the Spacio?

It’s a five-seater car. The seating arrangement of such a vehicle includes two front seats, two rear seats, and a foldable middle seat.

Each seat has a leather cover.

How many ccs is Toyota Spacio's new model?

The new type has an engine with up to 112 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque. It has a displacement of 1,798 CC.

Also, such an engine won’t use much fuel.

What replaced the Spacio?

The Toyota Corolla has replaced this automobile in Kenya. Such a Corolla is a more modern car that has improved features than the Spacio.

You can import them from Japan.

Does a Corolla come in various Trims?

It’s also available in various trim levels. You’ll have many choices.

Such a Corolla is a perfect option that is a reliable vehicle. It uses less petrol too.

The engine capacity of these automobiles

This car has a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine with up to 112 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque, and 1,798 CCs.

Such a machine is an excellent option to save on petrol costs.

What type of transmission does it have?

Every type has a 5-speed manual transmission. You’ll control it well.

Also, you’ll use less petrol or diesel.

Fuel consumption of a Spacio

Every trim has an impressive 9.3 km/L fuel (petrol or diesel) economy rating.

Remember, they are also eco-friendly.

Do these cars have airbags?

Yes, these automobiles have airbags on the front and at the back for more safety.

How much a Spacio cost?

It depends on the model, year, and condition.

The price costs between KES 1.5 million and KES 2 million.

Used models will cost you less.

How many liters is a full-tank Spacio?

Every model has a fuel tank capacity of 50 liters.

Do all models use petrol?

Some models use diesel. Others use petrol.

Does Spacio have power steering?

Yes, every Spacio has its power steering. You’ll steer the car well.

Such a feature reduces stress on your arms.

Do Spacios have air conditioning?

Yes, every Spacio has its air conditioning. You’ll enjoy its heat levels.

Do Spacio models use less fuel?

Yes, every Spacio is very fuel-efficient.

Such an engine uses less fuel and is eco-friendly.

Does a Spacio have parking sensors?

Yes, each Spacio has its parking sensors. You’ll be safer when maneuvering in tight spaces.

How much is a brand-new 2020 Corolla?

A brand-new 2020 Corolla starts at around KES 2 million. These prices vary.

So, for example, all higher Corolla trim levels cost more than base models.

Features of the 2000 Spacios?

This 2000 type has attractive attributes like AC.

How spacious is a minivan?

A minivan is big enough and has more legroom for great comfort.

Can I get a used 1997 type?

You can get the 1997 type. A used 1997 type is cheap but rare.

Prices of the 2002 types

The price of the 2002 type goes for around KES 1.2 million.

What engines do Spacios use?

The engine varies with your model.

How to differ a 2001 and 2002 model?

A 2002 type has better features than a 2001 one.

Where does one get these cars?

Our local dealership sells them.

Features of the ZZE122N type

ZZE122N is a wagon with great aspects.

ZZE122N-type cars are reliable and long-lasting.

Do Spacios have 4WD?

They have front-wheel drive. But some in Japan use 4WD.

Do Spacios use 2WD?

Yes, most use a 2WD.

Are 2WD bad?

2WD is amazing. But it varies with your driving interests.

Differences between the first-generation and second-generation Spacios?

Every second generation has advanced features.

All the second-generation models have an E120 body.

Effectiveness of these Cars’ brakes

The brake is perfect and reliable. They guarantee maximum safety while driving.

1ZZ engine power

The 1ZZ has 132 hp.

Importing these cars from Japan

Yes, you import them from Japan. Japan sells them cheaply.

Follow all trading laws in Japan.

What is the X G Edition?

The X G edition is the second generation Spacio.

This X G edition has cool features.

Any types with an automatic transmission?

Most new models have this gearbox.

How many passengers do Spacios hold?

It carries five people.

Fuel usage of the 1ZZ

The 1ZZ has a 1.8-liter engine.

Are there Spacios with leather seats?

All models have leather seats.

Length of the Spacios

It varies with the trim and year.

All Spacios have AC?

Yes, all models have AC.

Turning Radius of these cars

Most have a 5.1-meter turning radius.

The most common type

The 2002 trim is famous in Kenya.

Any models with a sunroof?

The X G edition models have sunroofs.

Ground clearance of Spacios?

Most models have it at around 6.3 inches.

Spacios have many doors?

They have five doors. One is the rear door.

The towing capacity of Spacios

It ranges between 1000 and 1200 pounds.

Do all Spacios have a rear camera?

Not all models have a rear camera.

Do all Spacios have a navigation system?

It depends on the trim and year.

What is the Corolla Spacio X?

The Corolla Spacio X is a common type, mostly in Japan.

Acceleration of Spacios

They charge to 97 km/h in 10-12 seconds.

Does all Spacios have a roof rack?

Not all models have a roof rack. But you can add it.

What is the maximum cargo capacity?

It ranges between 13 and 55 cubic feet.

Maintaining a Spacio

It’s cheap but varies with the type.

Do the Spacios have a DVD player?

All 1997 to 2022 models have it.

What is the maximum power output of Spacios?

They give 100-130 hp.

How many cupholders do the Spacios have?

They have 2-4 cupholders.

What is the weight of Spacios?

They range from 1200-1400 kg.

All Spacios have a turbocharged engine?

Only a few models have this engine.

What is the audio system in these automobiles?

Most have a radio and a CD player. Others can have more features, like Bluetooth.

What is the warranty on the Toyota Spacio?

It depends on the type and dealership.

Are there Spacios with a rear spoiler?

Only the higher trim levels have it.

Ground clearance of the Toyota X G Edition?

It’s from 5.9-6.7 inches.

How many airbags do these automobiles have?

All have at least two airbags.

Any type with a moonroof?

The X G edition has a moonroof.

Payload power of these vehicles

It’s between 1000-1300 pounds.

Colors of Spacios

They come in white, pearl, or black.

What is the seating capacity of the Spacio?

It varies with the trim. Some have five; others have six or seven.

Is there a trim with heated seats?

Some models have this feature.

Are white models more common?

Yes, most types come in pearl white.

How many speakers does Spacios have?

It varies with the model

Any type with rear entertainment?

Some models have it in the rear seat.