Cars For Sale In Kenya

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Engine Type
Engine Type
CIF: $50 000
Mileage: 20,000 KM
Engine: 5,000 CC
Fuel Type: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Right-Hand Drive
Body Type: SUV
2023 Toyota RAV4 for sale in kenya
Mileage: 13,000 KM
Engine: 2,500 CC
Fuel Type: Hybrid
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Right-Hand Drive
Body Type: SUV
2022 Toyota RAV4 GX
Mileage: 42,000 KM
Engine: 2,000 CC
Fuel Type: Petrol
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Right-Hand Drive
Body Type: SUV
toyota Rav4 for sale in kenya
Mileage: 25,000 KM
Engine: 2,500 CC
Fuel Type: Hybrid
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Right-Hand Drive
Body Type: SUV
BMW 430I M SPORT fpr sale in Kenya
Mileage: 25,470 KM
Engine: 2,000 CC
Fuel Type: Petrol
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Left-Hand Drive
Body Type: Convertible
Volvo XC40 for Sale in Kenya
Mileage: 62,000 KM
Engine: 1,500 CC
Fuel Type: Petrol
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Right-Hand Drive
Body Type: Crossover
Audi A6 for sale in Kenya
Mileage: 60,000 KM
Engine: 3,000 CC
Fuel Type: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Right-Hand Drive
Body Type: Crossover
KIA SPORTAGE for sale in kenya
Mileage: 25,082 KM
Engine: 1,600 CC
Fuel Type: Hybrid
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Right-Hand Drive
Body Type: SUV
2024 Subaru Impreza for sale in kenya
Mileage: 1,500 KM
Engine: 2,000 CC
Fuel Type: Petrol
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Right-Hand Drive
Body Type: Hatchback
2017 Lexus IS for sale in kenya
Mileage: 55,200 KM
Engine: 2,500 CC
Fuel Type: Hybrid
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Right-Hand Drive
Body Type: Sedan

About Us - LTD

We are the leading auto dealer in Kenya, offering both used cars for sale in Kenya as well as the option to import your car from Japan or the UK.

We provide a platform for all car sellers in Kenya, individuals, and showrooms, to list their vehicles and find buyers quickly and efficiently.

Our platform also makes it easier for car buyers to find their dream vehicles at a one-stop-shop, whether you are looking for locally or internationally used cars.

We are wholly owned by and licensed to sell second-hand cars in Kenya or import them abroad.
Contact us via email at [email protected], WhatsApp, or Call +254-748-258-880 if you would like to sell, buy, or import a car with us.

We also invite you to visit us at our offices in Ruiru Town Greec Tower Door No. D7/D8 to have a one-on-one conversation with our team or have your car listed with us.

Cars for Sale in kenya - Why Import with Us

Import cars for sale in Kenya
Import any car model from Japan to Kenya

We are the best company for vehicles for sale in Kenya and here are the reasons to import your car with us.

1. Save Up to 20%

Our prices are much lower than most other dealers, including showrooms.

You could end up saving up to 20% of your hard-earned cash by importing a vehicle with us. This means that you will save more than Ksh.100,000 on a small car.

2. Choose from Many Models

We also offer you a wide range of models to choose from, letting you select the exact vehicle you want us to import for you.

Our company ensures that you get everything you need, including color, engine type, and infotainment. You can as well choose models from different years of manufacturing.

3. Get True Mileage

Importing your dream vehicle with us helps you avoid dealing with unethical sellers only after your money.

Many showroom vehicles come with doctored mileage making them look like new cars. This makes it easier for them to charge you more because of the lower mileage.

That is not the case with us. We only facilitate you with the importation process - the car comes in your name and all its original documents.

All our vehicles undergo a full inspection from professional automobile experts to ensure that the mileage is not tempered.

4. Car’s First Owner

You become the vehicle’s first owner, unlike buying from the yard or showroom where you became the second buyer.

And there is no better feeling than importing a vehicle and getting the latest number plate. Well, that’s exactly what you stand to gain from importing your dream car with us.

5. Hassle-Free Buying

We also do all the port clearing plus vehicle registration services with no additional charges to make it better. We can also deliver the vehicle from the port to your home.

Have you ever dealt with a situation where you needed a vehicle but did not seem to meet your expectations?

We help you cut off the stress of moving from yard to yard looking for a specific car.

With us, you place your order with every aspect you are looking for in a vehicle and relax. Our team will take care of the rest, and you'll receive the car within 35 days.

Cars for Sale in Kenya - Importation Price & In-Depth Review

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Second Hand Cars in Kenya - Why Sell Your Car Through Us

Selling your vehicle in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, or Nakuru city can be a very tiresome process. This is primarily the case, especially if you are new and don’t know how to sell a car in Kenya.

However, we are here to give you a seamless process of selling your car to get the right price from it. So, why should you sell your vehicle through us? Here’s why.

1. Save Time

It is no doubt that we help you save a lot of time when selling your vehicle through us. You can quickly get to sell your car within hours of being in our dealership.

Selling the car by yourself, on the other hand, may take you weeks and sometimes months. This is because you have to do a lot of advertising and meet with interested buyers for test drives.

There is also a lot of bargaining involved, and you risk losing the buyer at the end of the day. This can be very demoralizing and heartbreaking at the same time.

Additionally, you will get to save a lot of money from selling through us. This is because you don’t spend much money moving around looking for car buyers.

2. Less Hassle

Selling your vehicle with us makes the process easier than yourself. We are experts at selling and buying cars, thus guaranteeing an easy process.

Furthermore, we ensure to work on all the required paperwork and let you go home with the money at hand. This saves you the hassle of transferring ownership, documentation, and financing.

3. Security

Many people have lost their vehicles due to theft from people who pose as potential buyers. For example, someone sees the car but shows no interest in buying it.

They then take note of your home and arrange to steal it. However, we are here to stop that from happening.

With us, you get a transparent car selling process that abides by the law on property transfer. This ensures you have peace of mind and value from your car.

4. Trade-in

When selling a vehicle, there is a possibility that you want to buy another one. Therefore, you may still need to visit a dealership for a new car with cash.

However, we allow you to trade in your car and get a better deal than buying one with cash. You get better negotiation deals and a wider variety of vehicles to choose from.

You also get a reasonable price for your vehicle and may discount the car you want to buy depending on the condition.

Used Cars for Sale in Kenya by Owner - Why Buy Second-Hand Car Through Us

Buying a second-hand car can be a very hectic process. This is often the case for many buyers, especially if you don't know what to check when buying a second-hand car.

But things are now much easier because we are here to help you. These are some reasons why you should buy second-hand cars from us.

1. You Get More Choices

With us, you get to choose your vehicle from a wide variety of cars. On the other hand, privately buying a car makes it hard for you to get hold of your preferred vehicle.

This is because they are scattered all over the country and only give you a chance to see a limited variety.

We let you choose vehicles from different manufacturers until you get the best one for you.

And this means you get to choose from a wide range of features. This includes automatic versus manual vehicles as well as various engine options.

2. Payment Flexibility

When privately purchasing a vehicle, the only option you have is cash payment. This cannot be very pleasant because the price of the vehicle may be too high for you.

However, with us, you get a flexible payment schedule. You can arrange how to easily make payments, therefore, cutting the load of making a huge payment.

3. Buyer protection

You may encounter several challenges when buying a second-hand car. One of the common shortcomings is getting a vehicle of poor quality.

The problem is even more prominent when privately purchasing a vehicle. So, we ensure you get the best car in terms of quality.

Our vehicles have the best mechanical conditions, drivability and are accident-free. We ensure that you buy a car that you will enjoy driving.

4. Timely Purchase

We give you a wide variety of vehicles to choose from and give you enough time to select your best vehicle.

A private seller is likely to sell the vehicle to the most available buyers. Apart from that, we give you all the specifications about the car to help you get your best match.

5. Avoid Disagreements

A significant challenge with buying a second-hand vehicle is disagreement after buying it. This mostly happens if something happens to the car once you have purchased it.

Naturally, you may feel like the seller purposely sold you a vehicle with mechanical issues. With us, you don't have to deal with all these issues.

We do a thorough check-up on the vehicle before selling it to you. If there is any problem, you can always return to us to recheck the car.

6. High-Quality Vehicles

When buying a vehicle privately, you may come across some old models. Even the new ones may have some issues.

We give you high-quality vehicles with no mechanical problems and ensure you do not regret doing business with us.

Used Cars for Sale in Kenya - Process of Buying Second-Hand Car with Us

People who purchase used cars for sale in Kenya follow an easy and recommended process. Here are the steps you need to follow when acquiring a vehicle.

1. Find Your Prefered Car - Set Budget

The first thing you should do is know the vehicle you wish to buy before setting the budget.

You can then browse through our website, looking for the vehicle.

2. Check the Condition of the Vehicle

It is essential to know the vehicle's condition that you want to buy. We have a team of professional automotive experts who will give you the car's history.

You can also bring your trusted mechanic to check the car for you before purchasing.

3. Verifying Logbook

After checking the car's condition, the next thing is to verify the logbook. You need to verify the information on the logbook, including the car's ownership.

Similarly, you will know if the car is accident-free and if excise duty has been paid in full. This will also let you know if the chassis number has been tampered with.

The best thing is we only list these vehicles after verifying the true owner.

4. Payment and Transfer of Documents

You can now pay for the vehicle once you know that the logbook is checked. It is important to pay through a bank or money transfer.

This enables you to get proof of purchase if there is any problem. After this, the next step is to transfer ownership.

We will help you with the transfer of documents through NTSA. Additionally, we will assist you in making the process more seamless.

Why Choose for All Your Car Buying Needs

You must be asking yourself why we are the best at what we do. Well, here are some of the benefits you gain from working with us on your car buying needs.

1. Proven Track Record

It is hard to deal with a company with no history of positive reviews. But this is not the case for us. We have been in the industry for a long time and have served many happy clients.

Our customer support is also rated as one of the best in the market. This means you get an easy time purchasing your vehicle from us.

2. he VehicleChoose from a Wide Pool of Vehicles

We have a direct link to major auctions in Japan and the UK. Our company gets a large pool of vehicles with different varieties and models.

Additionally, we ensure that you get the exact vehicle that you order. Our experts take everything seriously; thus, even the most minor requirement must be in your car.

3. Get a Full-Service Record

We use an auction sheet when purchasing all our vehicles. This means that we get to know the condition of every car, including its history, mileage, and more.

Therefore, you can be guaranteed to get a well-maintained vehicle at a reasonable price.

4. Genuine Mileage

One of the people’s main challenges when purchasing used vehicles is reversed odometers. Unlike most showroom car sellers, our cars come with genuine mileage.

With us, you get to own a vehicle with a good lifespan and the correct mileage on it. Value to Car Buyer, Seller, Dealer, & Owner

We are a reputable company that has a lot to bring to the table. You always have something to gain from working with us to sort your vehicle needs.

This is the value that we offer you.

1. For Car Buyers

As a car buyer, you need to get the right vehicle promptly. We have comprehensive guides to help you select the car that you love the most.

The import process begins instantly after you have decided on the type of vehicle you need. We also ensure you get affordable second-hand vehicles, including cars under 200K for sale in Kenya.

2. For Car Sellers

We can assist you in selling your vehicle safely and securely. With us, you are sure of selling your car faster and getting value for it.

Our experts will assess your vehicle closely to ensure you get the best price for it. Additionally, our listing process is straightforward, with no hidden charges.

3. For Car Dealers

There is a lot to earn from working with us as a Kenya car dealer. We come with many market solutions to help push your business and help you gain more customers.

Furthermore, we ensure you make more sales by providing ready-to-buy customers to your yard. Be sure to get in touch with us, too, if you want to improve your sales and customers in Kenya.

4. For Car Owners

Owning a car comes with many challenges, including mechanical issues, maintenance, and repairs. But, don't worry because we are here to make all that go away.

We help you get the correct information on how best to maintain your vehicle. In addition, we give you some tips and tricks to ensure you get the best performance from your car.

Selling and Buying Used Cars in Kenya – FAQs

Here are some of the most common queries concerning our services.

1. What is the Best Month of the Year to Resell your Car?

The end of the year is the best time when most people resell their vehicles. This is because it is during the eve of the festive season and most people are looking to buy cars.

However, selling your vehicle from mid-November also gives you a better deal in negotiating. You may also want to consider seasons when there is a high demand for cars in the country.

2. How do I Sell My Second-hand Car in Kenya?

There are several ways of selling your second-hand car in Kenya. One of the easiest and surest ways is through a dealership like ours.

We ensure you get a hassle-free selling process and get the best price for your vehicle. Our automobile experts will assess your car and list it.

Another way to sell your vehicle is through private means. You can advertise the car on various platforms and arrange to meet a buyer with whom you will agree on the cost.

3. What is the Safest Way to Sell a Used Car?

The safest way to sell your vehicle is through a dealership. It helps cut off all the work that involves meeting with potential clients who may scam you or steal the car.

We are the most trusted car dealers in Kenya, with a track record for the best prices for sellers. With us, you are assured of getting the money you deserve for your vehicle with no risks involved.

In addition, we give you the cheapest cars in Kenya and their prices to suit your budget.

4. When is the Best Month to Buy a Used Vehicle in Kenya?

The best time to buy a car in Kenya is when many discounts and other offers are available. This can be during holiday seasons like December and August.

You can also buy a vehicle at the beginning of the year when most people are selling due to financial challenges.

5. What is the Best Mileage to Buy a Used Car in Kenya?

Used vehicles usually come at an extensive mileage making them less expensive. A good car should have a mileage of not more than 190,000 kilometers.

A car with a lot of mileage will probably have many mechanical issues. You should also be careful because some vehicles have reversed odometers that show false mileage.

Vehicles with high mileage are among cars not to buy in Kenya because you will use a lot in repairs and maintenance.

Cars for sale in Nairobi Kenya

6. What are the Requirements for Buying a Second-hand Car?

There are various requirements that you need when buying a car. The first thing that you need is a budget for purchasing the vehicle.

Additionally, you need a national ID and a KRA PIN for taxation purposes. They are required during the transfer of ownership. 

7. How to Avoid Being Conned While Buying a Car in Kenya?

Many con artists pose as a seller in the vehicle industry to scam you. This means you should take extra precautions when buying a car.

One of the ways to avoid this is by buying a vehicle from a reputable dealership like

By doing so, you are guaranteed to buy a suitable vehicle with no mechanical issues. You also get the actual mileage, unlike others that have been interfered with.

Also, avoid buying vehicles with very low prices, like cars under 100k for sale in Kenya. They are likely not in good condition to drive or don’t have the correct paperwork.